Welcome to the home of the
Kapampangan Horticulture & Bonsai Society
Located in San Fernando, Pampanga Philippines

bonsaiAfter the disbandment of Angeles Bonsai Society in the late 90's, Omar Surla invited the Bonsai Artists from Angeles City, San Fernando, Mabalacat and the first town of Tarlac which is Bambam. On February of 2000, during that meeting, a new group was formed and unanimously approved by all who attended who attended the meeting. Since four of the members who attended are landscaping artists and are deeply involved with horticulture, they came up with the group's name which is Kapampangan Horticulture and Bonsai Society.

Its first President was Omar Surla of OPS Plant Shoppe. From then on, a series of workshops and exhibits were put up to encourage more potential hobbyists and dedicated artists to join the club. Right now, the clubs membership is 50 active members. Our incumbent president is Raymond Cordero and will serve a fixed term of 2 years. It also expanded 2 years ago by forming a new group which is now called Bonsai Artist Association of Tarlac.

Aside from collecting and hunting Bonsai materials some of the group are also involved in Pinatubo rock sculpture, landscaping and horticulture. And some posses rare plants that are hard to find.

Our group affiliation is - Philippine Bonsai Society